Customer Centricity


We are committed to being our customer’s preferred partner in the FIBC (Big Bags) and Container Liner industry. With us, you can Move Ahead with Certainty. Such commitments are backed by a series of processes that we have instituted and we call the Soliflex Way!

Certainty in Service


Our proprietary processes and services are specifically designed such that no matter what the nature of your order, you will get the efficiency and priority that you seek. The Soliflex way, are 6 proprietary processes that are designed to make a big difference for you.


Proactive Discovery and Estimation

This is the process that focuses on onboarding a new client or booking a new order. These processes ensure that we get a very quick and comprehensive understanding of your requirements. It also breaks down this understanding into data and information that you will need soon after placing the order. Information that ranges from cost estimations, approval milestones, delivery timelines etc.


Thinking outside the bag

Ideaflex is our process that continually studies common problems faced by the FIBC and Big Bag clients globally, and pro-actively develops solutions for them. This internal process helps us deliver customer delight, as we have already factored in all the probable problems and solved them even before we deliver. This process also enables us to be ahead of the curve when it comes to developing new and relevant skills, solutions and even products.
Ideaflex also dictates that we are geared to provide solutions for any exigency that you may have at any time. Be it an urgent requirement or a sudden threat that can disrupt your larger plans, we are very likely to be of help.


A Quality obsessive culture

At Soliflex we are obsessed with quality. We believe high quality can be guaranteed, only when it is made certain at every step. We have our own 1000 check quality control process that helps us guarantee the highest standards for each of our products. From the raw material we buy, to the processes and people, our internal processes assess these continually. We are now further strengthening these quality check process with the help of new age technology, automation, digitization etc.
Our R&D Lab, testing centers and traceability logs are all designed to deliver the guaranteed high-quality products.


Active alignment with the customer

Our reporting process ensures transparency and constant updates. With a view on the future and to provide far better efficiencies, we have begun reshaping our manufacturing processes. A clear road map is in place to transform to smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0. This transformation will not only help optimize operations; but it will also have us ready to adopt any future innovations. With the active use of The Internet of Things (IoT), smart machinery, automation, digitization and analytics, we will be aiming for much higher levels of visibility for our clients and making Soliflex future ready!