The commonly used FIBC bulk bags, our 4-loop bags can be used in the storage and transportation of everything from food to pharmaceuticals, metals, minerals and chemicals. They come coated or uncoated with optional PE liner based on what you require. Their loops are constructed with different fabrics for strength, and can carry loads from 500-2000kg within 5:1/6:1 safety guidelines.


SOLUTION – Partner with


Baffle bag not sitting flat on the floor?
Let us design one for you!
Product leaking through dust-proof seams?
We have learnt the nuances of it
Need a contamination-proof FDA-complaint food-grade FIBC??
Deal with India's best manage FDA facitility
Need robust UN bags?
We specialise in handling UN bags
Liner twisting and tearing during storage?
Work with India's best manufacturer of "FIBCs with liner"
Need Baffled liner bags?
Deal with only FIBCs producer in Asia specializing in FIBCs with Liners.
Liner breaking or weak?
Deal with only FIBCs producer in Asia specializing in FIBCs with Liners.
In need of good quality Flanged liners?
With our inhouse fully integrated high weld strength pre-shaping machine we can provide the right solution
Product being filled at high tempertaure?
We have just the right heat resitant solutions
Need extra strong liners
With the right recipe with can help achieve liners with extremely high dart strength
Sturdy, good quality Type-C bags?
Name a product and we will have one for you
Special spout closures, remote discharge spouts which can be customised?
Take advantage of our solutions
Need bags with special discharge options?
Take advantage of our solutions
Palletless design ?
Take advantage of our solutions
Fed-up with manufacturers not owning their products?
We provide solutions …not an argument !
Need well ventilated bags with breathable fabric?
We can ensure the right air permeability in the fabrics.
Bags for milk powder transportation & storage?
We have the right solution to prevent any deposit of material on the walls of the bag
Need Tubular bags with bag size of more than 105 cm
We have 10 shuttle looms to met your requirements
Need flat bales
Take advantage of our solution



Filling options customised based on application?
Yes, customisation of various filling and discharge options is available to avoid common supply chain issues
What about ziplock pouch?
It can be provided based on specific requirements
What about SWL (Safe Working Load) & SF (Safety Factor) certification?
Can fabric weight be upgraded or customised?
Our expansive experience is applied to creating bulk bags for different industries& fabric weight is chosen accordingly
How are big bags protected from UV degradation?
Our products are made with high grade polymer stabilizers
Kind of inliners used for powder material & to prevent leakage?
If required additional liners are added for finer material
Liners availability in many colors?
Validate whether sealing is intact & sturdy
Undergoes a quality check process at our end
What about protection against moisture & contamination?
Tell us your requirement and we'll have them customised
What's the lifespan of 4-loop FIBC?
Depends on how and where it is used. We promise material that is of superior quality & very durable
Types of liners we work with?
Conductive, Aluminum, Anti-static dissipative, OPP metalized, EVOH, PA, HDPE