Soliflex is a family business enterprise. Manufacturing has been our forte for more than four decades. We have excelled in high performance product manufacturing and gained immense know-how over these years. Soliflex was made and nurtured to become one of India’s best Big Bags and Container Liners manufacturers on the merit of this knowledge and expertise.

When we say

“You can move ahead with certainty with us”

it is a promise that we make from a deep understanding of the entire business ecosystem & our prowess and commitment to fulfill our role in this ecosystem – to deliver certainty.

To be
most reliable

Deliver complete customer delight

Make careers
very rewarding


The Board of Soliflex is an ideal blend of the experienced and the young. The long term vision and wisdom from the veterans of the industry combined with the energy and ambition of the young make for a flexible but unbreakable combination.


It is our philosophy that there is the only way to do a job – very well!

Therefore, we make all the investments in the important places so that we always deliver certainty. Our decision to invest in two separate facilities for Food Grade bags and Industrial grade bags stems from that philosophy. Similarly, our decision to invest in dedicated lines for single loop and double loop bags.

But along with the investments, we wholeheartedly inv in our people and planet. It is what we refer to as our 3 P Philosophy.

People || Planet || Profit


We can promise certainty because we know we have the people who will deliver the promise. We take pride in saying that we have always valued our people, and it has been at the core of our philosophy to take our people along as we grow. This belief pays off, in more ways than one!

Certainty during uncertainty

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the global supply chain. At Soliflex, we were able to re-group rapidly to ensure that our customers receive as much as their demand to keep their products moving. Thanks to our proactive approaches, we have returned to pre-pandemic outputs without making any changes to lead times. As a part of our pandemic response measures we ensured that our team are fully vaccinated apart from supporting the government with their vaccination drives in our community.

Committees and Policies that prioritise our People

Safety and health



Posh – Harassment


Worker Region

With our long heritage in high-performance manufacturing, we understand well that smiling people make the best products. It is also core to our philosophy that we take our people along as we grow. To this end, we have several initiatives that are focused on ensuring our people are happy. From policies that ensure fairness for all, to having congenial work atmospheres to having a healthy blend of experienced and youth in all teams, we have ensured to keep our attrition levels far lower than industry benchmarks. This low attrition level brings us the added benefit of consistency in the product delivery since we have the same people working on the particular product through multiple cycles. We also take an active interest in the health, well-being, and education of our people’s families and children.

These seemingly small measures lead to big wins like very low attrition and high consistency in terms of quality of output

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