Industrial Grade Bags

Durability for Heavy-Duty Applications

For industrial applications requiring robust packaging solutions, Soliflex offers a comprehensive selection of Industrial Grade Bags. Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, our Industrial Grade Bags provide unmatched durability and reliability. Whether you’re transporting aggregates, chemicals, or construction materials, rely on Soliflex to deliver superior performance every time.


Quick filling and temperature resistant products

Our special heat resistant PE bag liners can handle filling at high temperatures.

Hazardous product

Large UN approved bags come with option of vertical flanges/tabbing attached to the outer surface suitable for carrying hazardous material. Our special attention to detail and the ability to produce complex liner solutions with perfect sealing, enables us to give you the perfect UN bag. Our automatic sealing machines produce pre-shaped, suspended and flanged liners of highest seal strength.

Static discharge

Type B, Type C and Type D bags with or without conductive liners are made from PP fabric, interwoven with conductive materials in a grid-like pattern. They are specifically used in carrying flammable powders. We make them with temporary or permanent antistatic properties.

Carbon powder

Airtight and anti-spillage, our bag in bag solution ensures the perfect performance for the finest powder material.

Flexibility in lifting options

Constructed with reinforced material, we offer solutions in 4 loop bags with different lifting options such as double 4 loop designs, ring loop, steevedore loops to cater to flexibility in lifting options.

Flexibilty in discharge/filling options

We offer solutions in 4 loop bags with different discharging and filling options such as remote discharge, flow control discharge,full discharge apart from discharging with secondary closures such as star,irish and conical bottom.

Optimization of transport

We offer the best form stable bag solutions to ensure the perfect shaped bag with highest stability. Our bags have net baffles, tie tape baffles, and different punching designs, depending on the product and requirement. They also save 25% space and are economical to use.


Polymer bags are specially designed, with loosely inserted or glued liners. Our in house liner capabilities, ensure quality liner bags for every desired application. We also offer bags with conical discharge / remote discharge or with fully dischargeable options.


With sensitive applications, it is imperative to have a perfect triple dust proof solution. We provide you with special material choices, and a highly trained and dedicated team to deliver the perfect bag for your needs.

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