Food Grade Bags

Ensuring Freshness and Safety

Soliflex’s Food Grade Bags are meticulously crafted to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety for your edible goods. Designed to preserve freshness and prevent contamination, our Food Grade Bags offer unmatched reliability throughout the supply chain. Trust Soliflex to safeguard the integrity of your food products with our premium-quality packaging solutions.


Milk Powder Bags / Flour/ Other

Complex double or triple layered bulk bags are ideal for milk and other powders, preventing possible leakage. Not only do these bags have to ensure perfect slit proofing, but also be contamination-proof. Our special choice of material and innovative designs, ensure we provide the perfect sturdy bags for such applications. We also provide conductive liner bags for specialized products.


Form stable and shape maintainers, Baffle Bags optimise storage of food grains. Very cost-effective, they reduce transportation costs by 30% because of their inner baffles which utilises maximum space while reducing bulging and stretch. Our strong understanding of the urgency of supply chain requirement, enables us to deliver the perfect bags in quicktime.

Aromatic spices / Coffee

Our EVOH liner solutions, retain the aroma and hygiene of packed food products all through your supply chain. They prevent dust, moisture and oxygen from reaching products. Their tensile strength, good puncture resistance and extreme sealing ability make them exteremely reliable.

Peanut and Potato

FIBCs for bulk food grade products requires superior construction – side paneling, PP netting – to allow air permeability and maintain quality of transported products. We offer fabrics that are specially constructed to allow maximum breathability. Our solutions are suitable for peanut and other ventilation applications.

Other food grade bags

Our fabric is 100% ultrasonically cut, from the looms to the spout cutting and includes star closure. This makes it possible for us to cater to most special solutions where all areas of potential contamination are ruled out.

Pharma Bags

We push ourselves to deliver the highest quality, no matter how complex the design.

Other Products

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