3 Reasons that give Soliflex an edge in the market

The FIBC industry is underlined by quality and reliability. This is what differentiates one producer from the other, especially considering all bulk bags are built to standardized specifications for transportation of goods over long distances. The industry is rife with manufacturers and designers, both old and new consistently meeting new needs and requirements.

Given the competition, it is critical to understand what separates manufacturers from the industry drivers and how as a part of the latter, Soliflex manages to stand apart.

In the microcosm of the bulk bag manufacturing industry, the devil lies in the details; construction of the bags, their inlet and outlet options, the kinds of goods that they will carry and what kind of purpose they serve. This is a standard requirement that most bulk bag manufacturers adhere to. The critical differentiator is someone who can look at the macrocosm of the industry, see things beyond the small puzzle and understand the larger picture. In a mission critical world of goods transportation, where the slightest glitch in products or processes can have a phenomenal impact on time and money, Soliflex provides that sense of dependable surety that only a trusted reliable partner can provide. To elaborate on this, below is what we do;

Moving ahead with certainty – Like any industry, FIBC is a small but critical cog in the wheel of goods manufacturing and transportation industry. Given the scope of functioning and complicated processes involved, it is natural for some of the best laid plans to go awry. Pre-booked bag shipments may fall short of deadlines, bag construction failures may affect transportation or even designs might not match upto requirements. Given such scenarios, Soliflex pre-empts such contingencies and is prepared for any that may arise with a stringent processes that is uncompromising and non-negotiable. Once something is promised, we deliver because we hire the best kind of people who do the job


The proprietary Qualiflex guarantee – Being a quality obsessed organization in the business for several decades, we’re aware of what a dip in quality can manifest as. The repercussions of bad products are manifold, not just for customers but for our reputation too. To counteract this is our specially designed ‘Qualiflex’ process that details everything; from the quality of raw material used, to the running of our state-of-the-art integrated facilities and our extensive quality checks. With our proactive research on the common problems related to FIBC products and container liners, we take double the precautions so that products don’t develop technical snags at the last minute or lead to disruption of carefully laid out plans.


Ensuring equitable growth – When we move forward, everyone moves ahead with us. One of the tenets of Soliflex is our awareness of conscious, sustainable, equitable growth for a meaningful local impact. This isn’t just for us in terms of productivity, but also the people who work for us, for the environment we work in and the economy. We believe happy people make the best products and do all we can for our employees and their health. By being conscious of our impact, these seemingly small measures have given us huge wins over the years, which we hope to consistently continue.

As much as we expand and grow, what Soliflex as a company is conscious about are the values that define us and permeate into everything we do. Thus what we speak is what we practice, and what you experience with each of our products is our identity showcased in everything we make

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