Type C vs Type D

Understanding the Differences Between Type C and Type D FIBC Bags

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), commonly known as bulk bags, are versatile packaging solutions used across various industries for the safe handling and transport of bulk materials. Among the different types of FIBC bags available, Type C and Type D are two primary classifications distinguished by their static protection capabilities. In this blog post, we’ll […]
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3 Reasons that give Soliflex an edge in the market

The FIBC industry is underlined by quality and reliability. This is what differentiates one producer from the other, especially considering all bulk bags are built to standardized specifications for transportation of goods over long distances. The industry is rife with manufacturers and designers, both old and new consistently meeting new needs and requirements. Given the […]
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Container Liners – All you need to know

Container liners play a pivotal role in the shipping and storage of bulk goods, offering a myriad of benefits that enhance efficiency, protect cargo, and is a more sustainable form of packaging. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the diverse facets of container liners, shedding light on their uses, advantages, and key considerations for selecting […]
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