Happy people directly translates into good quality products – A Soliflex mantra

“Happy people make happy spaces”. We’ve heard this saying often enough, but it is only until we applied it in practice did we grasp the full extent of this. While making good products and having strong processes in place are what keeps us in business, none of it is possible without the effort and the ‘can do’ attitude of the people who have made Soliflex their own.

Soliflex’s long heritage of high performance manufacturing came about from a subtle yet deeper understanding, that deeply satisfied people make the best kind of products. People who are genuinely happy when they come to work, translate that happiness into the products they make. This also forms the core of our business philosophy – taking people along as we grow.

Extensive studies have been undertaken to prove this, with a recent Oxford University research finding indicating that workers are 13% more productive when happier. For us as a company, our testimony comes directly from having witnessed employees working with us for decades.

As a company, Soliflex is based on the tenet of ‘Moving forward with certainty’. This certainty wouldn’t be possible without the dependability on people who deliver on that promise. This has been at the core of our philosophy – not just manufacturing good products, but satisfying people in a way that they make it on their own. That belief has paid off, in more ways than one.

What we do as a company isn’t different from other manufacturers, but what has given us proven results is giving people a voice, and adding a little personalization to every task we undertake. Here’s what we have learnt about the connection between good quality, good people management and good products;

  • Taking people along in our growth has helped employees consider Soliflex as their very own company. Our people are aware of every aspect of company functioning. Transparency is a quality we don’t just speak about but practice, whether it is about the business highs and lows or other industry impacts. This shows in the way people rise up to the occasion when productivity is amplified for bigger requirements, or how we are constantly looped in for any situation among workers that may arise – both personal and professional.
  • Making people friendly policies goes beyond just addressing basic concerns, to been ensured fairness towards everyone concerned. Therefore whether it is having a mix of people across genders and age groups, to addressing wages and time contributed, everyone is assessed on a fair and level playing field. This has kept our attrition levels much lower than industry standards consistently.
  • Good products come from consistency in application and reliability in deliverables. With reduced downtimes and low attrition, what has also ensured is the same people working on the same product through multiple cycles. Thus the end product isn’t compromised for want of labour or an additional pair of hands, while being timely in the delivery.

Small drops of water make a mighty ocean. Likewise these small measures have over time given us huge formidable wins. Our quality of output can be directly traced back to the consistency and labour put in by our people. We work towards ensuring a good quality of life, health and education for them and this has positively translated into what we produce and how our business is run.

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